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November 2003 Newsletter

As others have done, Bro. Allen E. Roberts (1917 – 1997), a leading Masonic author of the Twentieth Century, advocated that the “Key to Freemasonry’s Growth” is “Management”. Bro. Roberts and other gurus, including Max DePree, agree that “Management” equates with “Leadership”. Bro. Roberts defined “Management” as, “Getting things done through other people” — through...
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October 2003 Newsletter

Your challenge is to emulate the Past Masters of your Lodge. These men have volitionally placed themselves “in the line”, answering the call of duty, to contribute the ideas and to do the work that have made Masonry what it has been, have sustained it through years of intractable decline, and have brought it to...
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September 2003 Newsletter

Few people have studied the records of 18th-century European Masonic Lodges as comprehensively as has Professor Margaret Jacob, a Professor of History at UCLA. Dr. Jacob holds the degree of Ph.D. from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York (1968). She also holds an honorary Ph.D. from The University of Utrecht, in the Netherlands. Prior to...
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August 2003 Newsletter

The Baron de Montesquieu (1689–1755) — who was initiated into Masonry in London in 1730 – was one of the leading philosophers of The Enlightenment. His concept of “Separation of Powers” was incorporated into the U. S. Constitution, and his emphasis on mankind’s natural and inalienable right to pursue happiness directly influenced Thomas Jefferson in...
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July 2003 Newsletter

Even without the advantage of analytical geometry and calculus (discovered later in the 17th century by Newton and by Leibniz), Johannes Kepler established between 1609 and 1619 the three laws of planetary motion. The first showed that Copernicus was correct and Ptolemy incorrect — the orbits of planets are not perfectly circular but are, instead,...
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June 2003 Newsletter

Our newest member is now proud father of a new son, and another of our younger members — our Senior Steward — is expecting a new baby within the very near future. Babies bring out protective instincts and nurturing instincts in women and men, alike. We want to make babies comfortable and safe. We want...
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