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November 2014 Newsletter

Brethren: I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to the brethren for electing me and allowing me to serve as the Worshipful Master of St. James Lodge for 2015. I look forward to serving the lodge. The team of elected and appointed officers met and are working together to have a year filled with...
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October 2014 Newsletter

Brethren: The year is coming to a close. Soon a new slate of officers will embark on another year – the 171st — in the storied history of St. James Lodge. I wish them the very best. May they continue to build upon the rich traditions of the Lodge and make our forefathers proud.
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September 2014 Newsletter

Brethren: St. James Lodge will recognize and honor its Past Masters at an OPEN MEETING on Thursday, October 16th. Dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m. We will have the opportunity to thank each of them for their service to the Lodge. The meeting affords a great opportunity to invite your guests so they may...
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August 2014 Newsletter

I was recently in Washington DC for a Scottish Rite event, and had the wonderful opportunity to attend Sunday morning services at the National Cathedral. The message that morning could not have been more timely. The emphasis was to be deliberate in your actions and practices, do not simply go through the motions unthinkingly but...
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July 2014 Newsletter

St. James Lodge is privileged to have, thanks to the generosity of Brethren who have gone before us, a fine Masonic library that encompasses books on Masonic history, philosophy, ritual, theory, and many other topics. This library is available to any Brother who desires to borrow a book, just make sure you sign the check...
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June 2014 Newsletter

In my recent reading of the HOML the Constitution of the Grand Lodge simply states that the Lodges shall be divided into districts, and that the boundaries of the districts may be altered by the Grand Master whenever necessary. This wording has led to some very interesting district arrangements over the History of the Grand...
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May 2014 Newsletter

I recently read a fascinating article on some disconnects in today’s increasingly connected world. The ancient Greeks had two different words for knowledge, gnosis and epignosis. Gnosis can be translated as practical knowledge, or intellectual knowledge. It is this level of knowledge that we frequently share in today’s social media driven world, knowledge of who,...
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April 2014 Newsletter

Brethren: I would like to again thank the many Brethren that work diligently to make our “Lodge experience” pleasant, memorable and worth the time it takes us to attend. Many work in the background, several are officers in the Lodge, some serve on committees, and some do it simply out of their love for our...
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March 2014 Newsletter

Cowans and Eavesdroppers – we hear about them, but do we know what they really are? We will focus on how the meaning pertains to Masonary. A Cowan is an individual who tries to build stone walls without mortar, someone who may claim to be a mason, but has not been initiated nor accepted. It...
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February 2014 Newsletter

The Four Cardinal Virtues, Fortitude, Prudence, Temperance, and Justice, so what do they mean? Fortitude is the mental strength and courage that allows someone to face danger and uncertainty. Prudence is the careful good judgment that allows someone to avoid danger and risks. Temperance is the practice of always controlling ones actions, thoughts, and feelings.
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