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September 2015 Newsletter

Brethren, We started of September with another successful “Bring A Friend” night. I thoroughly enjoyed the Camaraderie, Fellowship, and Brotherhood shared by all. I would like to Thank W:Bro Wade, Bro Maynor, and W:Bro Auck for the presentations. As always they were informative, thoughtful, and well presented. I appreciate the help with the meal and...
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August 2015 Newsletter

It seems as though every time we turn on the news, or open the paper, there is a report on the latest tragedy to befall someone, somewhere in the world. As language has shifted over the years we have come to use tragedy as the near universal description of some calamitous event, and in fact...
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July 2015 Newsletter

St. James Lodge recently celebrated the 171st anniversary of our chartering, Washington Chapter (which meets in our building) celebrated their 167th anniversary, and later this year the Baton Rouge Scottish Rite will celebrate their 60th anniversary.
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June 2015 Newsletter

As I write this, I am attending the DeMolay International Session with the stow State Officers as well as Mom Finley and Dads Mollere and Finley. It has been a great trip and we are having a blast! We are considering resolutions that will have a lasting impact on what the organization will be in...
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May 2015 Newsletter

Back in 1994, as part of the St. James Lodge sesquicentennial celebration a large portion of the Lodge records were placed on deposit with LSU Special Collections at Hill Memorial Library. The deposit covered the time period from the Lodge’s founding up to the early 1900s. That deposit has proven to be a rich source...
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April 2015 Newsletter

What are the wages of a Master Mason? In business, wages are set based on economic factors as well as the concept of paying the least possible to insure profits. But Freemasonry is very unlike business. Freemasons demand and earn as much as they are willing to work to receive. Our wages are our just...
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March 2015 Newsletter

One of, if not the greatest, lessons of the Entered Apprentice degree, is Charity. Too often, this is thought of as ‘giving money’ to someone “in need”. Most see it as Freemasonry’s aim to be a fundraising and fund distributing organization, but are we? Pope Francis has called on the Roman Church to ‘give itself...
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February 2015 Newsletter

Most Masonic teachings are done through the use of symbols and allegories. What seems to be obvious on the surface often contains multiple deeper meanings that can only be found through repeated exposure to the lessons and considerable thinking about them.
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January 2015 Newsletter

One of the stated duties of the Senior Warden is to pay the Craft their wages, if any be due. I wasn’t handed a paymaster’s bag upon installation, so of course the question many new members of the Craft often ask is “what are my wages?”. According to several Masonic dictionaries, wages are payments made...
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December 2014 Newsletter

Whatever your religion, take a look your Holy Scrolls or Books and actually read what the Great Almighty expects. To the Hebrew: there are many Misvot (Commandments), the first ten we learn, brought down by Moses, are the basics, but I have read were there are actually 613. To the Christian, in I Thessalonians 5:...
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